What’s A Big BSA/AML Accomplishment?

As a BSA/AML hero yourself, you have stories we want to hear.

Complete the form below to submit a friend, colleague, or industry expert that you believe is a FinCrime fighter, so we can recognize them for all of the hard work they do.

Tell us about a time when someone you know…

  • Stopped a money laundering scheme,
  • Prevented large fraud losses due to Business Email Compromise (or other types of fraud losses),
  • Protected a customer/member from Elder Financial Abuse,
  • Worked within an institution to identify and help a human trafficking victim,
  • Partnered with law enforcement to expedite an investigation,
  • Strengthened an institution’s BSA Program,
  • Obtained an industry certification,
  • Was recognized for their contributions to the industry, OR
  • Tell us why they love being a BSA, fraud, or compliance professional! 

The submissions are now closed for 2022.